Re: My action item on Moby Dec, issue 14, etc

At 12:30 PM 9/19/02 -0400, Michael Mealling wrote:
>I think there's one concept here that we have to keep in mind: URIs are
>used in other places besides HTTP and web browsers. Many applications
>are using them in places where concepts of 'representations' and 'content
>negotiation' are not valid or are are least different from what the TAG
>has been considering. I agree with 90% of what's being said in this thread
>but I would like at least some verbage in there noting that the concept
>of 'representations' is a web specific concept and may not be universal
>to all systems that use URIs.

Assuming that RDF is typical of these kinds of application you mention...

If you regard an RDF description as a form of representation, I think the 
comments made about representations still apply.  I don't see any conflict 
between the viewpoints.

(I'll also comment that I think Tim Bray's recent comments are entirely 
consistent with what I understood Roy to have been saying about the role of 


Graham Klyne

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