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|> | Does this mean that the namespace of a given XML vocabulary should 
|> | never change?
|> But I think one could go a step further in answer to your question.
|> From the point of view of applications that examine the 
|> namespace name and local name of an element to determine the 
|> vocabulary to which it belongs, it isn't simply a "should 
|> never", it's a "can never".
|> To those applications, if you change the namespace name, you 
|> haven't changed the namespace of the vocabulary, you've *changed the
|> vocabulary* by definition.
|> That may be a lot more painful than you'd like for a 
|> transition from V1.0 to V1.1.
| Really? SOAP doesn't seem to work this way 

I didn't say that was the only way to determine the vocabulary to
which an element belongs. Certainly other strategies exist and SOAP
must have one.

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