RE: How to Version XML Applications

And that effectively keeps the can of worms closed, 
or says, if you open it, you have to cut the bait.

I don't disagree.  That is, as best as I can 
remember, why it came down to version attributes 
being the least disruptive way to go.

Again, none of this works for aggregates unless 
the aggregate version number specs the language 
versions so aggregated.  One could resort to a 
morphological version spec that cites the versions 
of each included language and concats these into 
a string as the value of the version att.  

Ugly, but not an unknown way to go about it 
and better than a version att per agg'd lang.


From: Norman Walsh []

From the point of view of applications that examine the namespace name
and local name of an element to determine the vocabulary to which it
belongs, it isn't simply a "should never", it's a "can never".

To those applications, if you change the namespace name, you haven't
changed the namespace of the vocabulary, you've *changed the
vocabulary* by definition.

That may be a lot more painful than you'd like for a transition from
V1.0 to V1.1.

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