Summary of TAG activity from 7 August to 3 Sep 2002

Dear www-tag,

This is a summary of the TAG's activity from 7 August 2002
(end date of the previous summary [1]) to 3 Sep 2002.

The TAG had four teleconferences during this period; summaries of
those meetings are linked from the TAG home page [2].

During the current period, the TAG has primarily:

1) Architecture Document. The TAG published the first public
     Working Draft of "Architectural Principles of the World
     Wide Web." The 30 August 2002 draft is available at:


     The World Wide Web is a networked information system. Web
     Architecture is the set of principles that all agents in the
     system follow to create the large-scale effect of a shared
     information space. Identification, data formats, and protocols
     are the main technical components of Web Architecture, but the
     large-scale effect depends on social behavior as well.

     This document strives to establish a reference set of
     principles for Web architecture.

     The TAG did not publish any findings during this period.

2) Discussed the following issues in substance:

     - uriMediaType-9 Why does the Web use mime types and not URIs?

     - RFC3023Charset-21: Do all "shoulds" of RFC 3023, 7.1 apply?

     - xlinkScope-23: What is the scope of using XLink?

     - deepLinking-25: What to say in defense of principle that
                       deep linking is not an illegal act?

     Details about discussions and related actions are available in
     the meeting minutes linked from the TAG's home page. The TAG's
     issues list is available at:

3) Accepted the following new issues:

      - contentPresentation-26 : Separation of semantic and
        presentational markup, to the extent possible, is
        architecturally sound.

4) Reached a decision on the following issues:

      - augmentedInfoset-22: Infoset augmentation outside of PSVI?

        For now, the TAG has decided this issue by withdrawing it.
        The TAG may reopen this issue depending on the direction
        of work on xml query.

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