RE: First public WD of "Architectural Principles of the World Wide Web"

I'm generally pleased that this document has the light of day. So far I've
only noticed one statement I'm really uncomfortable with :

9. Do not use unregistered URI schemes: Unregistered URI schemes MUST NOT be
used on the public Internet.

I suggest a change in the wording to "Unregistered URI schemes SHOULD NOT be
used on the public Internet".

Otherwise I believe this means I must not set up a myscheme:server in that
corner of the room and connect to it with a myscheme:browser over in this
corner using the Internet to transport the data, unless myscheme: registered
with IANA.

The main problem with this is that it is contrary to a spirit of
experimentation. Specific criticisms I'd start with are :

* it leads to a Catch 22 - a wonderful new scheme isn't likely to get
registered if it doesn't work, and can't be tested live unless it's

*  looking at Dan Connolly's scheme list [1], perhaps half don't conform to
the "Architectural Principles" document - are these all really against the
architectural principles of the web?

* inconsistency - requiring IANA registration makes for an exclusive set of
schemes, yet protocols & formats are described as non-exclusive.

Surely the guidelines in rfc2718 are enough.

If the document is intended to describe the architectural principles, then
it should take into account change and evolution, and not ask for a web
frozen at the start of the century.



Danny Ayers
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