Re: Draft registration for application/xenc+xml

On Friday 24 May 2002 12:21, Tim Bray wrote:
> > Also, Ian, in [3] what does it mean that the registration should be
> > part of the REC? That I should have an appendix in the spec with a copy
> > of my request? (seems odd...)
> I think that's the idea.  Why odd? -Tim

Not odd, but ....

Is the expectation that there will also be an orthogonal ietf-draft -> RFC 
or registration request document? If so, wouldn't a reference to it be 
sufficient? (If we're using the registration process, should the TR be 
dependent on that process: can't leave CR until the registration is issued? 
Or can the WG commit to the registration but the documents don't need to be 
inter-dependent? Or will a section within a W3C specification be an 
adequate referent for the IANA registry?


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