replacing all URIs with IRIs [charmodReview-17]

I would like to draw the TAG's attention to this requirement in charmod:

W3C specifications that define protocol or format elements (e.g. HTTP 
headers, XML attributes, etc.) which are to be interpreted as URI 
references (or specific subsets of URI references, such as absolute URI 
references, URIs, etc.) SHOULD use Internationalized Resource 
Identifiers (IRI) [I-D IRI] (or an appropriate subset thereof).

RDF, for example, has recently moved to replace URIs with IRIs (or 
something like them). I find this seriously problematic since it will 
break many utilities which have made the assumption that RDF identifiers 
are ASCII strings with no spaces, etc.

I can understand presenting strings this way for user-display and 
user-entry but storing them this way and making them the official 
encoding seems to be going too far. I would think that simply using 
UTF-8 %-encoding would be fine for these purposes.

What does the TAG think about changing the standard Web identifier from 
URIs to IRIs, essentially allowing arbitrary Unicode characters into the 
body of these identifiers. An example from the RDF test cases shows an 
HTTP URI with embedded accented characters in Unicode.

I'm considering appealing this decision, but I wanted to hear the TAG's 
position first,

Aaron Swartz []

Received on Friday, 24 May 2002 15:58:59 UTC