Re: SOAP breaks HTTP?

> At 04:13 PM 20/03/02 -0800, Roy T. Fielding wrote:
> >  SOAP is not HTTP compliant because it ships
> >actions with the content that contradict the application semantics described
> >in the control data of an HTTP message.  That breaks intermediares.
> Uh... I had not realized this.  Is one of our SOAP people going
> to disagree with Roy on this?  It seems like a rather important
> point.  

I presumably count as a "SOAP person", as a member of the XMLP WG.

I agree that the common use of SOAP breaks HTTP, including far too many
Web services specifications, but I've worked hard to ensure that SOAP
1.2 specifically supports a use that does not break it.  That use is
that the SOAP envelope can be used to carry resource representations.
Anything else is breaking HTTP, including the RPC use of SOAP.

The major issues are;

I wrote about the two different uses last year;

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