Using W3C standard formats on W3C Lists

I am raising this issue on the TAG list because  the  requirement
stated in the Subject line
"Use W3C formats on W3C mailing lists"
though obvious to those of us who have been involved in W3C work 
over time  is something that is getting increasingly overlooked and
side-stepped on the working group lists of many new working groups.

I think it's time the W3C instituted a clear policy on what formats
are acceptable on working group lists --especially since archived and
searchable mailing lists are a valuable asset and represent the
collective memory of the W3C.  Locking up portions of this asset in
different variant proprietary formats is against the grain of the
overall W3C activity --and rather than addressing this issue on a case
by case basis as and when it occurs on wg lists, it would perhaps be
more effective to state the use of plain text or HTML for email to
working group lists as standard policy at the time working groups are
formed and people join in.


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Received on Monday, 11 March 2002 14:10:17 UTC