Summary of TAG activity in Jan and Feb 2002

Dear Chairs,

The TAG charter [2] states that "The TAG should send a summary of
each of its meetings to the Advisory Committee.".  Due to the
high frequency of TAG meetings, the TAG recommends that it
provide a monthly report to the AC. This is the first of these
reports. The TAG also plans to send these reports to W3C chairs
and www-tag. For information about TAG activities between reports,
please consult the TAG home page [3].

The W3C TAG was formed in Dec 2001 with the election by the
Advisory Committee of five participants. The election results
were outlined in [1]. Since then, the TAG has created its public
home page [3] and opened discussions on its public email list (archived at [4]).  Activity on the public list
has been very brisk with over 200 messages in both Jan and Feb

In Jan and Feb 2002, the TAG held seven distributed meetings and
one face-to-face meeting. Meeting records are available from the
TAG's public home page [5].

During its first two months of work the TAG received a large
number of requests for TAG decisions on particular issues.  To
address the high demand, the TAG outlined its policy on issue
management [6].  From these initial requests the TAG accepted 13
issues for further discussion [7].  The TAG encourages AC
representatives to review this issues list and to provide
feedback on the issues (either personally or through someone else
in their organization). Please send comments to the public
mailing list:

During its first two months, the TAG declined to review 5 issues;
all five of these issues were re-directed to other Working Groups
or Coordination Groups within the W3C. The TAG has also drafted
resolutions for 4 issues. The four remaining issues the TAG will
continue to discuss are:

    a) What commonality should there be among W3C media types?
       (issue customMediaType-2 [9])

    b) What algorithm should be used to create a URI from a QName?
       (issue rdfmsQnameUriMapping-6 [10])

    c) What should a "namespace document" look like?
       (issue namespaceDocument-8 [11])

    d) What is the meaning of a document composed of content
       in mixed namespaces?
       (issue mixedNamespaceMeaning-13 [12])

In addition to working "bottom up" on a Web architecture by
dealing with issues brought before it, the TAG has started to
assemble a document to describe the Web architecture [8].
Members are encouraged to review this document. The TAG plans to
continue its work on this document over the next month.

For Tim Berners-Lee, TAG Chair,
Paul Cotton and Ian Jacobs


Ian Jacobs (
Tel:                     +1 718 260-9447

Received on Monday, 11 March 2002 20:03:49 UTC