Re: Draft agenda: 24 June TAG teleconference (Arch document, WSA update)

"Paul Prescod" <> writes:
> > WSDL should (IMO) have a binding to support the HTTP-GET-in/SOAP-out MEP
> > that is being added to SOAP 1.2. In my mind that binding is orthogonal
> > to the existing SOAP binding; do you see it differently?
> I see it differently.
> It is very important that we not be forced to ues GET-in/SOAP-out or
> GET-in/XML-out or POST/XML-in/XML-out for an *entire service*. Different
> ways of using HTTP are not new protocol bindings. They are part of a
> single logical binding: SOAP over HTTP. GET and POST are part of the
> same protocol, not two different protocols. A WSDL service should
> therefore bind some of its operations to one and some to another, not
> bind ALL to one and then ALL to the other as two different bindings.
> If I have a stock buying and selling service, getStockQuote should use
> GET. buyStock should use POST. In the same binding SOAP/HTTP or "pure
> HTTP" binding of the service!

I agree it would be useful to be able to bind to different SOAP MEPs
on a per-operation or per-portType basis rather than just at a
per-service granularity.


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