Re: Proposed TAG Finding: Using Qualified Names (QNames) as Identifiers in Content

Rick Jelliffe wrote:

> In Schematron, I maintain a sharp distinction between the schema language
> in XML (which uses XML's namespace declarations) and the query
> language (usually XSLT expressions and XPaths).  A specific element
> is provided to allow prefixes within the queries to be interpreted.
> For example
>  <schema xmlns="">
>     <title>Example</title>
>     <ns prefix="x" />

Without adderssing the rest of your points, this kind of practice is 
exactly the kind of thing that I would have vastly preferred orginally, 
as opposed to the current practice of letting specification writers 
assume access to in-scope namespace prefix bindings.

Having said that, the assumption (that you can rely on access to schema 
bindings) has now become sufficiently widespread that it may actually be 
harmful to introduce new methods of establishing the binding, as 
schematron does.  -Tim

Received on Tuesday, 18 June 2002 10:05:33 UTC