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> / Patrick Stickler <> was heard to say:
> | If RDF decides to allow qnames in attribute values or data content, it's
> | not an XML issue, since the end result is only URIs, not qnames, and the
> | parsing is done by an RDF parser, not just a generic XML parser (even if
> | the latter is imployed at some level).
> Well, maybe. I've seen proposals in, for example, the XML Query WG
> that suggested the data model might discard "unnecessary" namespace
> prefixes. If the tool that constructs the data model doesn't recognize
> your use of the foo: prefix, the xmlns:foo declaration may not have
> survived.
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I guess it all boils down to the behavior of the RDF
parser. If it fails to map some rdf:resourceQ="foo:bar" to
a full URI, then it should complain very loudly and probably

If the RDF parser is using some XML parser sub-component that
discards "unnecessary" prefixes, then that's not a suitable
component for an RDF parser.

Of course, if that becomes the behavior of all XML parsers,
then writing an RDF parser will just be that much more work
and the end solution that much less modular...



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