Re: Updated: issue qnameAsId-18

At 16:04 05/06/2002 -0400, Norman Walsh wrote:

>/ Brian McBride <> was heard to say:
>| At 10:32 05/06/2002 -0700, Roy T. Fielding wrote:
>|>  there is also the extensibility of URI schemes that
>|>must be considered.
>| Are you referring to the problem that faced with:
>|    <rdf:Description rdf:type="rdfs:Class">
>| how does one tell if the "rdfs:Class" is a URI or a qname?
>I think that's what Roy meant. It's certainly a problem. I think
>that's a really bad idea.

I agree.  I guess I had a bit of power loss in the old cpu when writing my 
first message.

>| 1) Can you confirm that the RDF practise of using qnames to represent
>| URI REF's is consistent with this finding.  If so, you might like to
>| mention this in section 2.
>In what context?

RDF uses qnames only as element or attribute names at present.  However, 
these are a short hand representation of URI REF's so fall within the scope 
of the last para of section 2 and, due to brown out, I wasn't sure I 
understood what it was saying.

Rereading today, I read it as blessing the RDF practice of deriving a URI 
REF (unique id) from a uri/localname pair, though not necessarily blessing 
the algorithm used.  (aside: should that be uri-ref/localname pair?)


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