Re: Context Independent URI

On Sunday, July 21, 2002, at 04:18  PM, Williams, Stuart wrote:
> <principle>
> ContextIndependentURI:
> A URI SHOULD denote the same resource or concept independent of the
> context(s) in which the URI is used. i.e. when used on different 
> occasions
> or by different users or in different locations, a given URI SHOULD 
> denote
> the same resource or concept.
> </principle>

Looks good. You might want to emphasize the "resource or concept" bit 
somewhere. I know some people who are thrown off by this and think that 
persistence and context-independence means it must always resolve to the 
same kind of bit package. For example, a contextIndependentURI could 
resolve to a set of nutrition facts and buying information in the 
context of the supermarket but to cooking instructions in the context of 
the home even though this seems a bit contradictory at first.

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