RE: Issue request for the TAG: XForms

Hi Art,

Your request for the TAG to review the XForms Last Call Working Draft came
up for discussion on today's TAG Telcon and the action of responding
formally on behalf of the TAG has fallen to me.

As you note in your request, quoting from the TAG charter, the TAG is not
expecting to review every W3C Recommendation track document. On today's call
the TAG decided that it would *not* be undertaking a detailed review of the
XForms Last Call Working Draft [1]. However, given that at least one
architectural issue [2,3] has come to light as a result of your request, we
would like to ask whether there are other *specific* architectural issues
with XForms that you (or anyone else) would like to bring to the attention
of the TAG.

The question of the proposed deprecation of GET as a method of form
submission [2,3] will be logged as an issue in the TAG issue list [4].

Best regards,

Stuart Williams
On behalf of the W3C TAG.

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> Subject: Issue request for the TAG: XForms
> On January 18, 2002, the XForms Working Group released a Last 
> Call Working Draft of XForms - the next generation of web forms:
>  [1]
> Web forms are an important part of the web and thus require
> a well-designed architecture.  Although XForms is not an 
> Architectural Recommendation per se, the TAG's charter does
> not preclude [1]'s attention:
>  [[
>  Technical Architecture Group (TAG) Charter
>  The TAG is not expected to review every document on the W3C 
>  Recommendation track, only those that include Architectural 
>  Recommendations or that are brought to the attention of the TAG.
>  ]]
> I request that [1] be added to the TAG's issue list.  I am 
> particularly 
> interested in the TAG's comments about XForm's: 
> scalability/layering;  
> understandability/complexity; interoperability/compatibility level 
> with HTML forms; conformance requirements.
> Regards,
> Art Barstow
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