RE: Fwd: Three bits on MediaTypes and IANA

Sometimes things will sit around until someone is willing to
stand up and say that they really need them to happen. So
if W3C needs some of these proposals to move forward in the
IETF, that might be a good motivation for progressing them
sooner rather than later.

It sounds like that's the case here.

> What are your expectations on these proposals? Are they 
> intended to be normative or informational? 

I would guess that the "content-type" URI scheme should be
standards track.

> Have they last called, if not the W3C 
> should be gently reminded to have a look at the appropriate 
> one when the 
> time comes -- whithin 6 months, 12 months, who can say?

I'd argue for an active rather than passive role: figure out
what the deadline is, and ask for action before then.

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