Re: Media types

/ Paul Prescod <> was heard to say:
|> Using the top-level namespace to identify a document's application is
|> tempting, but doesn't always prove useful. 
| Consider this example from the XSLT specification:
| <html xsl:version="1.0"
|       xmlns:xsl=""
|       xmlns="">
|   <head>
|     <title>Expense Report Summary</title>
|   </head>
|   <body>
|     <p>Total Amount: <xsl:value-of select="expense-report/total"/></p>
|   </body>
| </html>
| It's a perfect example. This document is logically XSLT, not HTML. 

Hmm, so is it an argument or a counter argument?

It seems like you'd need to send this as text/xslt-xml in order to get
the right interpretation.

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