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The same concerns I raised in xmlp apply here.  The slippery slope of
manifests appears.  What about other namespaces and vocabularies?  For
example, SOAP with my foo vocabulary using xml schema data types would be:
 application/xml; xmlns="soapns" xmlns="foons" xmlns="datatypesns"

or perhaps
 application/xml; xmlns="soapns foons datatypens"

This would have to duplicata all the xmlns decls in the document.

Does this make sense?

The way I see it, media types are broken for multiple namespace'd xml
documents, especially documents that are targetted to be frameworks like
soap.  The "+" syntax for media-types simply doesn't scale to these kinds of
documents.  I don't know how, but we have to find someway of either
expressing a manifest, or the name of a profile that is a reference to a
manifest.  At least with the use of xmlns we have some notion of versions as
well, given the namespace name would be used.


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> Speaking for myself now,
> > Q. 3; What is, or what should be, the relationship between
> a media type
> > and an XML namespace?
> One of the thoughts that I had quite a while ago (that I believe came
> from something I saw from Dan Connolly), was of being able to migrate
> from media types to namespaces by exposing the namespace through an
> optional namespace parameter on a generic XML media type, for example
> XHTML could be described with;
>   application/xml; xmlns=""
> instead of with the custom type, application/xhtml+xml.
> I raised this with the authors of RFC 3023 long ago, but they rejected
> it.  But I believe it remains worth considering.  It seems to me to be
> a nice bridge, similar to the one the XMLP WG has taken with
> "relocating" SOAPAction to a parameter on the proposed SOAP media
> type[1].
>  [1]
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