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Speaking for myself now,

> Q. 3; What is, or what should be, the relationship between a media type
> and an XML namespace?

One of the thoughts that I had quite a while ago (that I believe came
from something I saw from Dan Connolly), was of being able to migrate
from media types to namespaces by exposing the namespace through an
optional namespace parameter on a generic XML media type, for example
XHTML could be described with;

  application/xml; xmlns=""

instead of with the custom type, application/xhtml+xml.

I raised this with the authors of RFC 3023 long ago, but they rejected
it.  But I believe it remains worth considering.  It seems to me to be
a nice bridge, similar to the one the XMLP WG has taken with
"relocating" SOAPAction to a parameter on the proposed SOAP media


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