Re: Editorial questions about first three findings

Mark Baker wrote:
> Ian,

Hi Mark,

> I'm having some trouble referencing a TAG finding.  None of the first
> three include a publication date, plus their title includes the wording
> "TAG Finding:", which would seem to me to be a class of publication.
> The two most recent findings seem to be fine.

I prefer the latter two, then. :)

> My questions are;
> - what are the publication dates of the first three findings?

They have "last modified" dates at the bottom. Would those
suffice? The status sections include dates on which the
TAG approved the findings. I can find the dates on which
the TAG announced the findings on www-tag if the above
dates do not suffice.

> - can I safely ignore the "TAG Finding:" prefix for the purposes of
> providing a title with my reference?

I think so. Can you write something like:

  "Mapping between URIs and Internet Media Types," W3C TAG Finding,
   S. Williams, ed., 27 May 2002.

where the last modified date is $Date: 2002/05/27 17:08:44 $

I note that we have adopted a policy [1] for not modifying
approved findings in place, and including publication dates
in them, so this problem shouldn't persist.

Thank you,

  - Ian

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