Re: XML-* [was: ... XML subsetting...]

>Regarding the proposal to prohibit recursive entities:
>Other than some concerns about the rate at which we introduce any
>incompatible changes into XML, I think this is a sound idea that deserves
>serious consideration.  Speaking for myself, it probably eliminates some
>of the concerns about denial of service in particular.

I'd originally offered four possibilities:

Is option 3 being discussed most because it is the easiest to implement?  Or 
is it because it is easiest to understand?

I think all of the options are worth thinking about, but I could be wrong.  
Tell me why.  :)

>Bottom line:  I suggest that insofar as SOAP's experiences are the issue,
>today.  I do think we'll find that eliminating recursive entities does not
>eliminate all the concerns that raise issues for SOAP.   Thanks.

I agree, specific to SOAP, however, my initial discomfort was in the 
discussion of removing entities from future versions of XML, which I -do- 
still feel strongly about.

  Jeremy Dunck

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Received on Friday, 6 December 2002 10:38:50 UTC