Re: Posted draft of URI comparison finding

At 16:06 02/12/04 -0800, Tim Bray wrote:
>Martin Duerst wrote:
>>Thanks for your effort to write these things down.
>>Some comments that I haven't yet seen from others:
>Thanks Martin, very thorough, I'll revise the draft (and include feedback 
>from ktlim & others).  I'm glad to find out that I was wrong about the 
>%61/EBCDIC problem, that makes life simpler.
>Er, what is the proper way to reference IRIs? -Tim

For the moment something like:

Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs), Martin Duerst and
Michel Suignard, Internet Draft draft-duerst-iri-02.txt, November 2002,
work in process, or it's successor.

Regards,    Martin.

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