Re: Posted draft of URI comparison finding

> - "It would seem almost wilfully perverse to consider the characters
>    represented
>    respectively by %7A and %7a in the example above as different."
>   One can certainly argue about the stylistic merit of 'almost willfully 
> (spelling)
>   perverse'. But that's not my point. The sentence assumes that %7A and 
> %7a
>   represent a character, where in actual fact in an URI (see again 
> section 2.1 of
> 'z', '%7A', and '%7a' are three 
> different
>   ways to represent the byte <7a>, which in turn in most cases (but not 
> necessarily
>   guaranteed) represents the character 'z'.

That hardly matters.  Section 2.1 says that %7A and %7a both
represent the same octet, and therefore are guaranteed to be the same
character regardless of character encoding.  Whether or not that
character is 'z' is a different issue.


Received on Wednesday, 4 December 2002 19:11:52 UTC