[metadataInURI-31] Should metadata (e.g., versioning information) be encoded in URIs?

The TAG accepted this issue at its 2 Dec 2002 teleconf.

  The TAG's preliminary response is that URIs should not
  include metadata. The TAG accepted this issue to provide
  guidance on addressing the issues raised.

  From Ossi:

    To outline the following text, I'm actually
    suggesting (asking comments for) two rather
    practical things:
   1. There should be a uniform way to declare version
      history of web resources (recommended by W3C)?,
      and more importantly
   2. There should be a "clean", uniform way to refer to
      (and thus access) the metadata of web resources?

  Raised by, on behalf of
	Ossi Nykanen, himself

	Architecture Document, URIs

  Background and related

	+ See Arch Doc, section 2.2 (.4 and .5)

  State (Raised, Accepted, Declined, Resolved, etc.)

	+ 25 Nov 2002 Raised
	+ 2 Dec 2002 Accepted

  Discussion history
	2 Dec 2002

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