[binaryXML-30] Standardize a "binary XML" format?

The TAG accepted this issue at their 2 Dec 2002 teleconf.

 From Robin Berjon:

  Given that binary infosets (currently, binary PSVIs)
  is what I work on daily and that I am currently
  investigating ways in which they could fit naturally
  into the web (content-coding registration for
  instance), I would be very interested in knowing what
  -- if anything at this point -- the TAG thinks of them
  and of how they could best fit in.

  Raised by, on behalf of
	Robin Berjon, himself


  Background and related

	+ See explanation scenario from DC; a typical
	  conversation about binary XML.

  State (Raised, Accepted, Declined, Resolved, etc.)

	+ 9 Oct 2002 Raised
	+ 2 Dec 2002 Accepted

  Discussion history
	2 Dec 2002

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