Re: SOAP's prohibiting use of XML internal subset

Chris Lilley wrote:

> I discussed this with Yves Lafon the other day. The argument that a
> message in a protocol has to be self-standing is fairly compelling -
> it can't just buffer up while some other resource is fetched (perhaps
> using a different protocol).

That's an argument for not downloading remote files. But every XML 
parser allows you to override this and avoid that downloading.

> But then I ask myself - does SOAP prohibit messages that are over
> large due to the simpler and less devious method of just having a very
> large message?

No, but it might be easy to check download size this at the "transport 
layer". It is not so easy to figure out why your parser went to lala 
land because of the abuse of an obscure XML feature.

There, an argument for and against. ;)

  Paul Prescod

Received on Monday, 2 December 2002 00:22:05 UTC