Re: toward HTTP as IETF best practice/IANA policy for registries?

At 12:41 PM 8/16/02 -0500, Dan Connolly wrote:
>Roy reminded us of the new CRISP working group:
>   Cross Registry Information Service Protocol
>and suggested that it seemed pretty straightforward
>to do this sort of thing with an HTTP server.
>Perhaps that's one place where we should discuss
>the use of HTTP for IANA registries.

I raised this with the CRISP WG chair (Ted Hardie) following the earlier 
comment to this effect, and he confirmed what I suspected that the scope of 
CRISP is somewhat narrower than general registry "... charter is limited to 
domain-registry/registrar/registrant administrative services (replacing 
that portion of whois, essentially, without being backwards compatible with 

Ted suggested that it might be helpful to engage Leslie Daigle 
( in discussions about assignment of identifiers.


PS:  I might be prepared to help with a draft, but not anytime in the next 
month.  (Also, as I think you are aware, I don't wholly buy what often 
seems to be the preferred W3C position of HTTP:-for-everything.)

Graham Klyne

Received on Wednesday, 28 August 2002 10:37:51 UTC