storing info in XSL-FO: new issue? [was: Draft TAG Finding:...]

On Fri, 2002-08-09 at 13:43, Bert Bos wrote:
> Some more comments on 
>     (version of 25 July 2002)


> 4) Section 1, par. 3. "[...] document that consists of XSL Formatting
> Objects, XHTML table mark-up, SVG diagrams, and MathML equations." Such
> a document will probably never exist.
> Indeed, I believe it is an architectural principle, that the TAG
> hopefully one day puts in writing, that XSL-FO elements are at a
> different semantic level than (X)HTML, SVG and MathML, and that it is
> possible to transform the latter three into the former, but that
> putting them in the same document would be counter to the goals of the
> semantic Web. In particular, W3C promotes (X)HTML, SVG and MathML as
> permanent repositories of information and we expect them to be found
> on Web servers, but we don't expect XSL-FO's to be used for anything
> else than as a volatile format, that only exists in the milliseconds
> between the formatting and the printing of the results.
> I suggest to fix that sentence by omitting XSL-FOs, or to find a
> different example.

I'll leave it to the editor(s) to address your suggestion about
the text of the finding, but it seems to me that just omitting
XSL-FO from that phrase won't address the issue you raise
about whether it's appropriate to use XSL-FO to store

It looks like a new issue.

I don't have a clear opinion about it yet, but I've seen
the question come up enough times that I'm interested
in some sort of TAG answer to it.

Dan Connolly, W3C

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