RE: 13 Aug Arch Doc available for review

It isn't useful.  The government may or may not know
they can outlaw the tides, but they can try.  The 
statement in the text is such that it infers that 
deep linking is not illegal.  In fact, it may or 
may not be.   The social codes govern social 
behavior.  Setting up a deep link is a social 
behavior because the web architecture does not 
differentiate; therefore, it should be silent. 

That is quite a different issue from technical 
members of the community informing the representatives 
of various governments that preventing deep linking 
is possible but not mandatory in terms of the web 
architecture.  This is to say, in effect, creation 
of a code to penalize deep linking is a matter of 
local law, not web architecture.  The web simply 
does not care.


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> In short, the TAG cannot normatively state what is or is 
> not "legal" with respect to social governance.

I think the point was that the TAG can inform the larger community of what
is and is not possible - in the same way that a meteorologist would inform a
government that outlawing the tides is not possible.

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