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As a TAG member, I do not want the XMLP WG as it is currently chartered to
be tasked with solving this problem.  Further, SOAP 1.2 should be the focus
for dist-app, IMO.  I believe that the TAG should be the focal point for
this issue, if the issue won't go to the web services architecture group.
For these reasons and a few others, I would prefer to keep discussions on
the TAG list.


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> Mark Baker writes:
> >> But IMO, trying to build something HTTP-like on top of
> >> SOAP, which in turn will often be on top of HTTP, is
> >> quite impractical and unnecessary.
> I think this is a reflection of the Web's failure, so far, to
> separate a
> generic REST layer, from its embodiment in a particular
> protocol (HTTP).
> My proposal does not set out to recreate attempts
> to map a part
> of REST into SOAP.  We might also want to also do DELETE, but
> I think SOAP
> does the right thing by providing a structured architecture
> for exploiting
> POST (not HTTP POST, POST in general).
> Guidance sought from the TAG:  it's obvious there is a desire
> among some
> correspondents to drill on the SOAP/REST issue.  It's not
> clear to me that
> the www-tag list is the right place to hash out the details
> (or that this
> necessarily is the right time.)  Should we move this discussion to
> distApp?  How should we manage the need to figure drill on the
> SOAP/REST-specific issues, while also keeping the Tag in the
> loop on the
> underlying
> SOAP/REST/is-the-web-rest-only/is-soap-a-broken-w3c-activity
> discussion?  Thanks.
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> Mark Baker <>
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> Hi Stuart,
> On Fri, Apr 26, 2002 at 09:09:46AM +0100, Williams, Stuart wrote:
> > Just a thought anyway... a 'null' SOAP request message as
> the 'trigger'
> to
> > use HTTP GET rather than some other 'magical' incantation.
> What do you
> > think? Others? Mark B?
> Noah's example was a good one to help illustrate the different ways in
> which one can think of using SOAP, especially as it relates to making
> use of the semantics of application protocols.
> But IMO, trying to build something HTTP-like on top of SOAP, which in
> turn will often be on top of HTTP, is quite impractical and
> unnecessary.
> It's true that HTTP's extensibility and processing models
> aren't as rich
> as SOAP's, but also IMO, these small improvements are no where near
> enough to justify the huge cost of deploying such a solution.
> I think that if SOAP has a future on the Web (as opposed to on the
> Internet), it will be with the chameleon use where both SOAP and HTTP
> are used by developers at the same time (though an EDI-like
> use of SOAP
> over POST is fine, it's a niche).  But I've yet to see a SOAP library
> that supports such a use.
> MB
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