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> Simon:
> RFC 2169 has been examined by the ebXML community in great depth for URN
> resolution.  We have several technical requirements for a mechanism that
> can perform the following:
> 1. uniquely identify an xml element, fragment or document.
> 2. carry the URI of a location to find out more about the object ( in
> ebXML this means locating an ebXMl Registry).
> 3. identify the protocol/interface used to talk to the location.

The http:  URI scheme is designed to do this.  Just use it, instead of using

> Several of us in ebXML are following this conversation closely hoping
> that the work done here will solve the problems we are facing.  A DNS
> resolution service for URN's as described in several RFC's predominantly
> by Michael Mealling initially seemed to be ideal but we also came to the
> conclusion that DNS had its' flaws too.
> Nevertheless, it is a leading candidate for solving our problem.
> I would like to ask you to consider those three requirements as input
> from the ebXML Architectural community when and if they are relevant.
> Thank you.
> Duane Nickull
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