Re: URI resolution (was Re: Summary of 8 April 2002 TAG teleconference)


RFC 2169 has been examined by the ebXML community in great depth for URN
resolution.  We have several technical requirements for a mechanism that
can perform the following:

1. uniquely identify an xml element, fragment or document.
2. carry the URI of a location to find out more about the object ( in
ebXML this means locating an ebXMl Registry).
3. identify the protocol/interface used to talk to the location. 

Several of us in ebXML are following this conversation closely hoping
that the work done here will solve the problems we are facing.  A DNS
resolution service for URN's as described in several RFC's predominantly
by Michael Mealling initially seemed to be ideal but we also came to the
conclusion that DNS had its' flaws too.  

Nevertheless, it is a leading candidate for solving our problem.

I would like to ask you to consider those three requirements as input
from the ebXML Architectural community when and if they are relevant.

Thank you.

Duane Nickull
CTO, XML Global Technologies
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Received on Tuesday, 9 April 2002 17:32:05 UTC