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> Does anyone have any information on the differences between a Relational 
> Database and an XML Repository? 
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This is not really the appropriate forum for this type
of question; please see the TAG's home page [1] for
information about this group's scope: documentation
of architectural principles.

You might have a look at the xml-dev archives [2]
for discussions on this topic (indeed, a search
on "relational database" gives some results).

See also writings from Tim Berners-Lee on
"Relational Databases on the Semantic Web" [4] as
well as "What the Semantic Web isn't but can
Represent" [5].

Bert Bos has written something [3] that's available
on the W3C Web site.

I hope this helps. Depending on what you're looking
for (information about XML generally or information
about relational databases and the Web), I recommend
consulting either the XML Activity home page [6]
or the Semantic Web home page [7], respectively.

  - Ian



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