RE: [namespaceDocument-8]: format for machine readable content


Perhaps what the TAG should do on issues that require new or changes to
existing specifications is to proceed to create proof-of-concepts, and then
hand the work over to another WG.  In this case, XML Core seems a likely
place to go.

A Process along the lines of:
1. Here's the principles of the web as we see them, including a particular
2. Here's a POC of a solution to the delta
3. Can you (XML Core) do the work of making this into a "real"
4. We (TAG) volunteer to have at least some of us work with you on this.

My biggest concern is that I don't think the TAG should be precluded from
writing syntax.  IMHO, that would be a terrible mistake.

But the process I suggested about would address the fact that some group is
going to have to do the real work and ongoing maintenance.

From a process perspective, I don't see the difference between an
Architecture Recommendation and a Recommendation.  It seems that the
difference is that an Architecture Recommendation has a broader scope.  So
Namespaces itself would be considered an Architecture Recommendation - we
seem to believe that Namespaces is a fundamental principle.


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> Hi David,
> I was working on this late last week. Unfortunately didn't
> get it out before
> the weekend, but have just posted something on www-tag (it
> was mentioned in
> last weeks minutes and there seems to have been some interest
> in the topic).
> At most I think what I've being doing would be a
> proof-of-concept (wrt RDF
> rather than Xlink (or aswell as!) in RDDL).
> The RDDL venture started outside the TAG and the TAG charter
> places a strong
> emphasis on Architectural recommendations rather than the
> development of
> technolgy specifications.
> <charter>
> Architectural Recommendations
> The primary activity of the TAG is to develop Architectural
> Recommendations.
> An Architectural Recommendation is one whose primary purpose
> is to set forth
> fundamental principles that should be adhered to by all Web
> components.
> Other groups within W3C may include cross-technology building
> blocks as part
> of their deliverables, but the TAG's primary role is to document
> cross-technology principles.
> </charter>
> So... it's not clear to me that the TAG is the right place to 'bake' a
> specification for a namespace document.
> Any thoughts?
> Stuart
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> >
> > As a result of last weeks telcon, Stuart took an action to
> write up some
> > more work on namespace document.  There was much discussion
> on how machine
> > readable information should be represented.  It's obvious
> that we should
> be
> > able to compare different styles of syntax before making any kind of
> > determination.  We already have RDDL in xlink syntax.  I
> think others(SW?)
> > are working on an RDF syntax for RDDL, and that would be
> great to see.
> >
> > We will have to think of some criteria for determination, like human
> > understandability, machine understandability, etc.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Dave
> >

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