Re: TAG seeks input re www-tag

Tim Bray wrote:

> - Become ruthless and enforce a rule that all postings must
>   contain an issue number in the subject line or have a
>   subject line that says "New Issue Proposal for TAG"
> - Try to restrict discussion to those issues that the TAG
>   plans to discuss at its next meeting - we'd have to publish
>   our agendas well in advance, but we think we can do that.
>   This model worked pretty well in the old XML IG.
> - Drastically restrict posting rights to www-tag; either
>   to TAG members or to Invited Experts or by some other
>   criterion.

The other, unmentioned alternative would be to go to a moderated
mailing list.  A good moderator can greatly improve the STN ratio
of any list.  Notwithstanding issues of how that works -wrt- W3C
mailing list software, I'd advocate that --- a liberal yet
informed moderator could easly cut off noisy discussions that are
not on track.  There might be some reluctance on the part of TAG
members to play this role, so perhaps an external (non-TAG)
moderator with a "let anything from TAG members go through, and
all other things related and on-topic but not digressionary
besides" policy might be the best solution.

Just a thought,


Received on Wednesday, 3 April 2002 00:06:44 UTC