Re: When is the SVG 2.0 specification due to be finalized?

Hello all,

Latest version of Chrome tells me this.

SVG's SMIL animations (<animate>, <set>, etc.) are deprecated and will be  
removed. Please use CSS animations or Web animations instead.

Did I miss something or is it official?

If so, it's a crying shame.

Also, how long can we expect to be able to use the tonnes of content, not  
on-line that used it for educational purposes? Or is it just a question of  
hanging on to good ole Presto until it stops operating? Which brings me to  
a separate request to Opera, to Open Source the Presto engine so people  
can pick up where they left it and implement SVG 1.1., add the few SVG 2.0  
functions to it that have been included and fork the whole standard to  
make something more useful out of it. If Blink wasn't such a load of  
bloat, it would be quite useful, but anything that keeps adding 60MB-200MB  
per page view doesn't strike me as efficient.

Possibly a good replacement for HTML more geared to graphical content  
developers and a nice interface for print to replace the need to create  
separate PDF documentation. Pretty sure that archivers across  the world  
would love to have an open standard that can cope with everything they'd  
desire and something that can handle it. True it may take another ten  
years or so to come up with a nice derivate standard, but this seems to go  
only towards the browser producers and pretty much negates the desires of  
the user base that don't show in their statistics.

No doubt, Adobe will love this new development. 10 more years of Flash as  
only the arcane can handle Web and CSS animations.


Jelle Mulder

Received on Monday, 26 October 2015 02:39:44 UTC