Re: When is the SVG 2.0 specification due to be finalized?

Jelle Mulder:

>Latest version of Chrome tells me this.
>SVG's SMIL animations (<animate>, <set>, etc.) are deprecated and will be  
>removed. Please use CSS animations or Web animations instead.
>Did I miss something or is it official?
>If so, it's a crying shame.

Well, looks like the WebKit/Blink developers say good bye to international
standards and W3C recommendations.
To suggest to use an experimental feature of CSS, not finalised, not 
applicable for content, only for decoration indeed shows, either they do not 
understand, what they are doing, or they know exactly what to do to
obfuscate W3C efforts ...

Opera Presto ist dead.
Mozilla/Gecko developers intentionally implement bugs and open intentionally
Microsoft-IE refuses as well to implement W3C recommendations properly.

At least this is a quite clear statement against W3C recommendations -
obviously the mission of W3C failed.

>Which brings me to  
>a separate request to Opera, to Open Source the Presto engine so people  
>can pick up where they left it and implement SVG 1.1., add the few SVG 2.0  
>functions to it that have been included and fork the whole standard to  
>make something more useful out of it.

This could be an option, but would it really work better than Mozilla/Gecko
or WebKit/Blink?

Is there still a need to care about SVG 2.0, if nobody cares about already 
existing recommendations like SVG 1.1 and SVG tiny 1.2.

Looks like we need independent organisations to care about standards for
digital formats including reference implementations. 
Because in this century at lot of cultural information depends on digital
formats, it is obviously irresponsible to rely on such companies and 
organisations to care about standards of any kind.


Received on Monday, 26 October 2015 10:27:45 UTC