Re: IE11 and xml:space="preserve"

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I’m finding that IE11 doesn’t honor the request to preserve whitespace
the getBBox() function applied to text/tspan containing extra whitespace is not computing the bounding box as expected (by giving the whitespace content contributing extent)

<tspan  font-family="arial" fill="rgb(0,0,0)"  font-size="2.02847"  >AIRSPEED - 111 TO 999 KCAS RECOMMENDED (NOT LESS THAN V     </tspan>

Contained within the <text> element is reporting/rendering as if the extra spaces after the “V” were not there or don’t contribute to the bounding box computation.

The document has xml:space="preserve" declared in the <svg > tag

xml:space is an “inheriting” attribute. The setting on any element inherits to the descendants. However, for current browsers just Firefox manages this correctly. In WebKit and Blink you need to put it on a text or tspan element as well. WebKit has a bug that I reported recently where the result just looks correct if xml:space is added to the tspans directly.


As a work-around, I’m replacing all space characters with non-breaking spaces, but that, as one can imagine, makes a mess of doing text search/matching across the DOM.

Thomas Smailus

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