IE11 and xml:space="preserve"

I'm finding that IE11 doesn't honor the request to preserve whitespace
the getBBox() function applied to text/tspan containing extra whitespace is not computing the bounding box as expected (by giving the whitespace content contributing extent)

<tspan  font-family="arial" fill="rgb(0,0,0)"  font-size="2.02847"  >AIRSPEED - 111 TO 999 KCAS RECOMMENDED (NOT LESS THAN V     </tspan>

Contained within the <text> element is reporting/rendering as if the extra spaces after the "V" were not there or don't contribute to the bounding box computation.

The document has xml:space="preserve" declared in the <svg > tag

As a work-around, I'm replacing all space characters with non-breaking spaces, but that, as one can imagine, makes a mess of doing text search/matching across the DOM.

Thomas Smailus

Received on Thursday, 1 October 2015 20:25:06 UTC