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On Mon, Jun 8, 2015 at 8:40 PM, David Dailey <> wrote:
> Ya’ know what we need?
> A way to have the viewBox’s center follow an SVG path and to have its height
> and width follow the current x and y of other SVG paths.  It would sorta be
> like <replicate> in the way it allows multiple attributes to be handled by
> user-defined curves. Vincent Hardy and Erik would understand, since I’ve
> started using some of the techniques they used in SVG Wow to try to control
> the view port declaratively. Yes, I do program (teaching it for the past 80
> years of my life – Alan Turing was not my best student, just saying), but as
> one gets older, one values one’s time, and declarative techniques save time,
> empirically speaking.  Ahh ! to be young and have so much time!
> Here’s what I’m thinking: I want to take something like this
> (you can use Ello to actually see SVG and not just the code, though they do
> enable CodePen too for those who don’t understand pictures). I want to draw
> a path of traversal for the center of the view port and to use keyTimes
> (keySplines are okay, but following a curve makes a lot more sense, ¿does it
> not?!!¿?) to control width and height. Once center (or better yet,
> centroid), height and width are animated, then animating x and y becomes
> superfluous, methinks.

It seems like you can do this with just a <g> around the content and
an <animateMotion> (or CSS animation of the 'motion' property), paired
with some scaling.


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