Re: User Agent Implementation Guide Coordination and Development - proposal

Hi Mark,

I had thought we had discussed this already but yes  I can attend the April
3 HTML A11y task force meeting.


Rich Schwerdtfeger

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Date:	03/30/2014 03:51 PM
Subject:	Re: User Agent Implementation Guide Coordination and
            Development -  proposal

On 3/28/14, 5:15 PM, Paul Cotton wrote:
> This proposal was touched on during the Any Other Business topic at the
Mar 6
> A11Y TF meeting.  At that time I requested we have a longer TF discussion
> another time but that has not happened.  See the Mar 6 TF minutes [1].
> At a minimum I would like to ensure that the HTML WG is aware of this
> since it will directly impact the work on the current HTML ARIA
> Guide Working Draft that the HTML WG co-publishes.
> Janina suggested that this might make for a good F2F topic but it does
> appear that many A11Y TF members will be at the F2F.
> Can I ask that the TF coordinators add this to the TF agenda for Apr 3
and that
> Richard attend that discussion?
Rich, Can you attend the HTML Accessibility TF call on Thursday at 10:00
to discuss options for taking up the User Agent Implementation Guide work
coordinating with the HTML WG?

If Rich can make it, I'll make sure its on the agenda.

> /paulc
> HTML WG co-chair
> [1]
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> *From:*Richard Schwerdtfeger []
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> *To:* HTML Accessibility Task Force; SVG WG; W3C WAI Protocols & Formats;
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> *Subject:* User Agent Implementation Guide Coordination and Development -
> Moving toward HTML 5.1 we need to produce a minium of 3 user agent
> implementation guides. For those new to this it is the accessibility API
> guide that browsers must follow in order to support a host language or
> cross-cutting markup like WAI-ARIA. ARIA 1.0 is in the process of moving
> recommendation status and we were the first standards effort to
effectively go
> through candidate recommendation on such a document. Producing documents
> this are necessary as it allows us to normatively ensure that what we put
> content will work with assistive technologies across multiple operating
> platforms.
> Unfortunately, the HTML A11y task force did not effectively produce a
> implementation specification. Hindsight being 20/20 we did not pool all
> qualified resources together to achieve the task and there was
duplication of
> effort between what the ARIA task force was doing and what the HTML5
> accessibility task force was doing. In addition to HTML we also need to
> produce a User Agent Implementation Guide for SVG2. Furthermore, we have
> convergence of HTML markup in SVG. Here are some examples:
>   * canvas support
>   * WAI-ARIA support
>   * Definition of elements in terms of WAI-ARIA host language semantics
>   * tabindex support
>   * iFrame support
>   * Use of the same DOM3 event handlers
>   * Use of document object methods used for things like activeElement
needed to
>     support keyboard support by JavaScript developers.
> Given all these issues I had meetings with editor stake holders and I
> produced a draft outline for 3 specifications which the editor stake
> have agreed to - as a solid starting point.
> The proposal is to:
> 1. Start with the follow outline for the documents
> It would mean that the ARIA user Agent implementation would form a core
> implementation guide as the subsequent host languages will have elements
> in terms of ARIA semantics. This allows HTML 5.1 and SVG2 to leverage the
> mappings that are in the Core, such as role, state, and property mapping
> as well as event notification. Host languages will be able to also define
> and description computation rules specific to the host language.
> 2. Make Protocols and Formats or (the new name Accessibility Platform
> Architectures) be responsible for coordinating the activities and ensure
> from both the HTML accessibility task force and the SVG working group.
> 3. Start with the following editors who have signed on as editors:
> - ARIA Core: Joseph Scheuhammer
> - HTML5: Steve Faulkner and Alexander Surkov
> - SVG2: Rich Schwerdtfeger
> 4. We do have additional ARIA modules that will need to be created for
> eBook structural semantics and Graphics (applicable to Canvas and SVG)
that will
> need to be factored in.
> This does not mean that the HTML working group or SVG 2 working group
> publish the documents. This is a coordination discussion that pools the
> resources. I can tell you that Steve Faulkner and I already coordinate on
> for ARIA support in HTML 5.1 and SVG2.
> 5. Post CSUN conference we will develop the logistics as to where we put
> documents - Github location, etc.
> Note: our goal should be to get these done in time for HTML 5.1 CR end at
> end of 2016 as a minimum. I would like SVG2 sooner. Without this pooling
> resources and coordination in APA (formerly PF) I don't see it happening.
> Janina, if you could ensure that this is discussed in the HTML a11y task
> this Thursday it would be much appreciated.
> Best Regards,
> Rich
> Rich Schwerdtfeger

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