Re: Proposal: <star> element

Even without the inner radius setting, you can still produce a vast array
of star variants.  Here are a few more samples:

It is really only the star forms with very small inner radii that you can't
reproduce.  I don't think that would be a huge loss.
Editors like Inkscape that have a feature for producing these sort of
shapes will probably generate the paths themselves
anyway and not use any new element.  I see it primarily as a useful tool
for people hand editing SVG or using libraries
like d3.

Or perhaps these extreme stars could be created using a different new
element that generated shapes with rotational
and axial symmetry.

As for rounding, I considered it also, but excluded it for simplicity.
 Also because I have a desire for a stroke/path effects
feature that would be more general.  Something like Android's


On 12 March 2014 00:53, Tavmjong Bah <> wrote:

> On Mon, 2014-03-10 at 06:47 +1300, Paul LeBeau wrote:
> > I actually started with a inner+outer radius approach, but finding a
> > way to support both regular and non-regular star shapes got messy and
> > complicated.  So I went with a simplified approach that still allowed
> > a large range of commonly used shapes and also supported both the
> > poly-gon and poly-gram star forms.
> >
> I like the idea of 'density' but I do thing users will want to change
> the inner/outer radius.
> Inkscape has a star/polygon tool that stores parameters in the Inkscape
> name space. The star/polygon get's exposed as a path.
> The parameters are:
>   * number of sides
>   * center x
>   * center y
>   * r1
>   * r2
>   * arg1
>   * arg2
>   * flat sided (polygon) or star shaped
>   * roundedness
>   * randomness
> You can see the effect of some of these parameters at:
> The SVG WG has talked about a star/polygon element many times, but no
> one got around to spec-ing it out. Maybe this will get it done.
> Tav

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