Re: [SVG2] Clock-value syntax

On Mon, 23 Jun 2014 17:32:28 +0200, Robert Longson <>  

> You’d still want to disallow negative numbers as Timecount values though
> wouldn’t you? What does Chrome/Opera do if you give it one of those?
> Robert

In 'begin' and 'end' at least, the syntax is extended with the sign, see  
e.g [1]. Other attributes have additional constraints, such as 'min' which  
says the 'Clock-value' must be greater than 0.

The sign prefix is accepted by the parser in Blink atm.

A negative repeatDur looks like it's just ignored, and a positive  
'Clock-value' with a + prefix is accepted and used.


Erik Dahlstrom, Web Technology Developer, Opera Software
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