Re: [svg2] Empty path data + getPointAtLenght / getPathSegAtLength

On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 9:15 AM, Erik Dahlström <> wrote:

> Hi,
> what should SVGPathElement.getPointAtLength[1] and getPathSegAtLength[2]
> return if there's no path data (or if the path data has no valid segments)?
> This topic was discussed on last week's call[3], but no consensus was
> reached.
> A testcase[4] shows the following behavior:
> 2c) gPSAL should return undefined

This seems to be the most logical result.  Returning a valid but incorrect
result is definitely a mistake.

An exception might be better, but the messages listed in the proposals
don't make sense, a cursory look at the current exceptions doesn't suggest
a logical candidate to me.  NO_PATH_DATA would be an acceptable message.

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