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Your link here, elicits a couple of questions for me. Perhaps the questions are better directed to the maintainers of the project. (In which case yet other questions might emerge, about things one might want to do with SVG and canvas and why we can’t (without such a library) at present.)


1.       When it talks about doing SVG animation, how does it compare currently to, say FakeSMIL or SMILScript. We’ve been interested in some of the parsing involved, since <replicate> parallels and extends much of <animate> and being able to robustly parse all the nuances of <animate> is of interest – and of course there are some who would like animate to be able to play in IE;) A robust JavaScript library to do that would be handy, particularly if it could just parse out <animate> whenever it is encountered in IE.  JavaScript timing  doesn’t seem to be as smooth as SMIL, but in a vacuum, little things are often welcome.

2.       I recall that there was a security thing, at least for a while, where we were not allowed to read the pixels back out of an SVG for fear that someone might read privileged pixels of some sort. Does canvg resolve that issue? In particular can one use it to read the pixels from an SVG? There are lots of reasons for doing this dating back a decade or so, but I’d have to mull awhile over what some of those might have been. I know that other folks have been interested in doing it, too,  so it is not just, “academic.”  Does the security issue still exist? I’ve heard former Adobeans claim that they are doing it.

3.       When the proprietors of Canvg say “Tested in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and IE (through FlashCanvas)” do the parentheses apply only to IE? 




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SVG API for canvas. I feel SVG would be a great contribute to canvas




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