Re: Porting fill/stroke (and -opacity variants) to plain CSS

On 24/01/13 9:36 AM, Dirk Schulze wrote:
> Here is a blog post about these properties:


That post is not exactly clear about what "not set" means for 
text-fill-color.  Presumably it has an initial value of currentColor.

In SVG at the moment we have these initial values:

   fill: black
   stroke: none
   stroke-width: 1px

while these properties are:

   text-fill-color: currentColor
   text-stroke-color: currentColor
   text-stroke-width: 0

How do we reconcile these?  As you said in your other mail, the initial 
value of fill needs to be black (or something that acts like black) 
since there exists content like

   <svg xmlns="">
     <rect width="100" height="100"/>

expecting to get a black rect.

(Aside: paint-order will be useful with non-SVG text with this, btw.)

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