Re: review comments for SVG-related parts of css3-transforms

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DS> In 7. The SVG 'transform' attribute:

DS>    This specification will also introduce the new presentation
DS>    attributes ‘transform-origin’, ‘perspective’, ‘perspective-origin’,
DS>    ‘transform-style’ and ‘backface-visibility’ in the SVG namespace. All
DS>    new introduced presentation attributes are animateable.

DS> These attributes are not in the SVG namespace; rather they're in no
DS> namespace (or in the "null" namespace, not sure what's the preferred
DS> terminology).  I think you can just drop "in the SVG namespace".

DS> Can you point me to the section in the SVG specification? 

This comes from XML (actually, Namespace in XML), not from SVG.

DS> In general SVG attributes should be in the SVG namespace, no? 


"A default namespace declaration applies to all unprefixed element names within its scope. Default namespace declarations do not apply directly to attribute names; the interpretation of unprefixed attributes is determined by the element on which they appear. "

DS> The
DS> question is if presentation attributes do belong to the SVG namespace.

No, because they are not prefixed.

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