Errata on preserveAspectRatio (and viewBox) attribute


There is some missing or ambiguous points about the preserveAspectRatio and
the viewBox attribute in the SVG 1.1 Spec.

First, the preserveAspectRatio attribute definition [1] does not mention
that the feImage element [2] also support that attribute.

Second, the attribute index appendix [3] forget to mention the support of
the preserveAspectRatio attribute for the foreignObject element. But that
seams ok because the foreignObject element [4] itself does not mention
support for the preserveAspectRatio (nor the viewBox attribute [5] either).
However, according to the preserveAspectRatio and viewBox attributes
definitions, they are both supported by elements that create a new viewport
[6] and this include foreignObject. FWIW, there is no clear exception on
those attributes definition that say explicitly that they should not be
supported by the foreignObject element.

So, I guess that foreignObject do not support preserveAspectRatio and
viewBox but it's ambiguous.


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Received on Wednesday, 14 March 2012 20:05:30 UTC