Re: GetSVGDocument interface

Hi everyone,

>> Do we need to keep this interface, which has the getSVGDocument() method
>> on it, and which was intended to be implemented on interface like
>> HTMLObjectElement?  It's entirely redundant with contentDocument. Unless
>> people think content is using it, we should drop it.

I remember having issues in WebKit where the contentDocument didn't
behave as desired. Given the quirks, I ended up using both in the "SVG
Object - HTML Canvas Interactors" demo [2] where one can take a look
at the source and see further details in the 'fetchSVGDocument' method

> Anyway, I think we should remove getSVGDocument from SVG2.

+1 for removing from SVG2 as well. A new major spec. version should
definitely try to "kill" this sort of redundancy which, in some cases
(as the one seen in WebKit), even ends up having two different

Shame on me for never having formally reported this to the WebKit team
(I haven't check if this is still an issue in current builds)...



Received on Tuesday, 21 August 2012 11:17:21 UTC